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The dancers of Oquirrh West Project have a diverse range of professional experience and knowledge that we feel passionate about sharing with aspiring and pre-professional dance artists. 

Our mentorship program offers…

  • Four hours a month of one-on-one mentorship with a dancer of your choosing. Together, you will find a schedule and method that works best for you. 

  • Access to exclusive live-streamed company classes and rehearsals. 

  • Access to our discord page

  • Exclusive performance footage with notes from the dancers and choreographers. 

  • Your name listed as a sponsor on our website. 

Visit our Patreon page to select an artist, and find additional information.


If you are looking for sponsorship to participate in this program, email our Patreon and mentorship coordinator Kalin Green at with "sponsorship inquire" in your description, and we will notify you when support is available.

Not a dancer? Consider sponsoring a young artist!

If you wish to grant this opportunity to an aspiring or pre-professional dancer, email and include a "mentorship sponsor" in your description, and he will help you set that up.

MENTORSHIP: Arts Education
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