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Oquirrh West Project is a Salt Lake City area based 501(c)(3) professional dance project under the Artistic Direction of Sharlee Peay. It was founded by Alyssa Fujimoto and Sharlee Peay in 2017. As a company, Oquirrh West Project is a group of dedicated individuals looking to enhance and grow the dance community in Salt Lake; this includes providing opportunity for local, national, and emerging choreographers as well as artistic growth and development for its dancers. OW Project provides artists with experience, performing opportunities, and artistic collaboration in an open and hungry exploratory environment. 

OW Project is committed to pushing boundaries while offering dancers, and choreographers alike, a stimulating setting to develop, explore, and create. We believe in the value art has to shed light on the human condition, causing us to contemplate, personally reflect, and improve ourselves and the people around us. Live movement art is a unique experience that makes us feel in a way that cannot be generated by anything else. It has a way of peacefully illuminating issues, feelings, and other societal problems which we hope to refine.  We thrive on the collaboration between artists who can accomplish such culture, and therefore offer a valuable platform for human growth. We aspire to promote conversation between artists of all genres with a group of dancers who are fearless and artistically articulate as we work to improve our condition and connect with each other through our creative processes. 

OW Project is persistently looking for new ways to expand its audience. Our work is showcased through concerts, master classes, community outreach, and workshops where we strive to engage, enrich and inspire individuals and the community at large. We hope the experiences they share with us will deepen their appreciation for this art form, and ultimately inspire them to engage more often in activities that look toward progressing the human condition. Our outreach to teach dance in surrounding schools brings us great fulfillment. Currently, we are working towards bridging the gap between post-training and entry into the professional world through our apprentice and mentoring program. We are new, fresh and eager. We will continue to grow and evolve while finding additional ways to serve the public and dance community.



Oquirrh West Project celebrates and supports artistic evolution, collaboration, and virtuosity in dance. OW Project is committed to pushing boundaries while offering a stimulating setting to develop, explore, create, and educate. As we pursue such principles, we seek to promote conversation with the human condition and the healing of social plights, thus sparking reflection and change for ourselves and those who interact with us.

COMPANY: Mission
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