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Mission: to increase arts access and creativity within our community as well as educate and enlighten others of the power of art



The dancers of Oquirrh West have a diverse range of professional experience and knowledge that we feel passionate about sharing with aspiring and pre-professional dance artists.

Is this for you?

Are you a college student wondering what the next step is for you? Are you looking to someday work with Oquirrh West Project or companies similar to it? Are you an aspiring choreographer wondering how to get your foot in the door and improve your work? Or maybe you're merely looking to improve your technique? No matter your creative goals, we are dedicated to helping you find your success!


This community programming in schools and for groups specifically targets master classes in dance, creation, artistry, and professional development. The master classes are tailored to the individual needs and curiosities of each group we encounter.

Currently, most projects will be virtual with a presentational aspect for the movers. This may include informal sharing of phrase creation, a question-and-answer series with the group, or a reflective essay or survey. We find joy in offering programming for both movers and non-movers.


The Oquirrh West Project holds interdisciplinary collaboration close to our hearts.

Are you an artist interested in collaborating with us? Please reach out to us with your ideas. We would love to expand our horizons. 

Do you have another idea? We would love to collaborate with you to create a program specific to your needs! Feel free to contact us with inquiries.

OUTREACH: Arts Education
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