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From Sharlee Peay

I am the Artistic Director of this beautiful, talented collective of artists known as the Oquirrh West Project. They inspire me constantly and I am beyond grateful to be working with each one of them. We are so excited to be able to share our show with you and are incredibly grateful for the technology we have that allows us to share it virtually. Thank you so much for attending and supporting this company and the artists that are a part of it.

We appreciate your support in allowing us the pleasure to create and share art that we feel can truly, positively change the human condition. We hope you allow yourself space, as you view this show, to have an experience. Dance is far less about "getting" what you see, and more importantly about how what you see and experience makes you feel. Take whatever it is that you experience with you, let it be right, and allow it to shape you and the people you interact with--that is truly what art is all about.

Thank you again for your kind donations and loving support. 

We hope you enjoy the show!

Artistic Director Note: Welcome
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