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Oquirrh West Project, Inc. (“OWP”) is a Utah nonprofit corporation that celebrates and supports artistic evolution, collaboration, and virtuosity. OW Project is committed to pushing boundaries while offering a stimulating setting to develop, explore, create, and educate. As we pursue such principles, we seek to promote conversation with the human condition and the healing of social plights, thus sparking reflection and change for ourselves and those who interact with us.

We can be reached at:

OWP is very committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any and all Personal Information (as defined below) you may provide to us via our website. This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, how we collect it, what we do with information, how we treat the information, and your choices with respect to the information we collect. By visiting our website or otherwise providing OWP with Personal Information by any means, you accept and consent to the terms, conditions, and practices described in this Privacy Policy.

This website is not designed for, or directed to, children under the age of 13, and OWP does not intentionally collect information about anyone under the age of 13 on this website.

OWP will use its best efforts to keep your Personal Information secure; however, such security often relies on OWP’s systems and facilities.  No system or facility can be completely secure, and OWP does not guarantee that all Personal Information will remain secure at all times.  Should a breach of our systems or facilities occur, OWP will alert you with reasonable promptness via email, telephone, and first class mail.


“Anonymous Information” means information that does not personally identify an individual, including aggregate demographic information.

“Cookies” means small files that are stored on your web browser to help a particular system recognize you and the pages that you visited in a website.  OWP’s website uses cookies to store your account information between sessions and to maintain information on how you navigate the OWP website.  You can set your browser to automatically refuse cookies, though you may not be able to use all of the features on our website.  OWP may use third party cookies inserted into our site by third parties, such as Google.

“Information” means, collectively, Anonymous Information, Personal Information, and Sensitive Information.

“Personal Information” means information that can identify a person as a specific individual, such as a name, phone number, email address, social security number, or credit card number.  Personal Information includes information provided by donors to or members of OWP. 

“Sensitive Information” means Personal Information that reveals a natural person’s race, ethnic origin, political, philosophical, or religious beliefs;  information specifying a person’s gender, or that concerns a natural person’s health or medical condition.

Google Analytics

OWP uses Google Analytics (“GA”) to collect information about the use of our site by others.  Google Analytics places a cookie on your computer so GA can recognize your computer if you visit our website for the first time, and again at future times.  The cookie does not collect Personal Information.  GA focuses on how many users visit the OWP site, which pages they visit, and when they do visit our site, which sites the user was on prior to landing on the OWP site.  OWP may choose to use GA to advertise online.  Should OWP choose to do so, Google may show OWP ads online across the web.  Third party advertisers, such as Google, use first party cookies (their own) and third party cookies (such as OWP’s) to optimize ads based on visits to the OWP website.  OWP’s ability to use and share Information collected by Google Analytics about your visit to the OWP site is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use found here: and by the Google Privacy Policy found here:  You can choose to disable your cookies so that GA does not recognize your visit to the OWP website.

How Does OWP Collect Information About Me?

As stated above, at any given time, OWP may collect three types of Information about you:  Personal Information, Sensitive Information, and Anonymous Information.  The following paragraphs outline for you how we collect the category of information described.

Personal Information:  Personal Information may be gathered about you in the following circumstances (described as representative examples only):

  • Web-based forms;

  • Signing up on our website for newsletters and/or email alerts;

  • Becoming a donor of OWP’s;

  • Signing up for one of OWP’s events;

  • Participating in a contest, live chat, or survey of OWP;

  • Volunteer sign-ups and background checks; and

  • Third party providers may provide OWP with your Personal Information.

Anonymous Information:  Anonymous Information may be gathered about you through the use of cookies and Google Analytics, as more fully described above.

Sensitive Information.  The OWP Project, Inc. does not collect any Sensitive Information about you, nor does the company desire to receive such information about you. 

How Does OWP Use the Information Gathered About Me?

OWP uses Information as described in the below representative examples:

Personal Information: 

  • Enable you to sign up for one of our events;

  • Enables you to become a donor to OWP

  • Improve OWP’s offerings and service to the community;

  • Improve our website;

  • Process your volunteer application; and

  • Perform other functions which are described to you during the time your Personal Information is being collected.

Anonymous Information.  OWP uses Anonymous Information we collect for marketing purposes, to improve our website, and to hone our services and community involvement programs.

Does OWP Share or Disclose my Information to Third Parties?

OWP does not share your Personal Information to third parties except as set forth below; provided however, OWP may choose to share your Personal Information with third parties:

  • When we provide services, programs, or events for you;

  • When we correspond with you;

  • When we rely on a third party to verify the validity of your monetary donation;

  • As may be required by law – for example – subpoena, search warrants, or other legal processes;

  • When in OWP’s sole discretion, disclosure of such Personal Information is required to enforce the rights of OWP or to protect the rights and safety of others;

In the event of disclosure as set forth above, OWP assures you that any third party receiving your Personal Information is contractually required to provide the same level of privacy protection as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Anonymous Information:  OWP may share your Anonymous Information with third parties; provided however, that we will do so in a manner that is consistent and relevant to the purpose for which the Anonymous Information was collected.  To the extent that any such Anonymous Information is shared, OWP will ensure that such information is accurate, complete, and reliable for its intended use.

Email Correspondence

OWP may use email and text to communicate with you.  We will not send you emails or texts if you request it.  Please refer to “Opting Out” below for more information.

Opting Out

You may choose to opt out of receiving email communications, text communications, and disclosures of Personal Information to third parties (for a purpose incompatible with the reason for which such Personal Information was collected).  Removing your Personal Information from our marketing list and our communication list may take up to ten days.  If you wish to opt out of communications, please send your request to:

Update to Personal Information

If you wish to update your Personal Information, please send an email to:

We will not be able to modify historical records (older records) but will update your records going forward.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is dated with the latest edition.  We may update this Privacy Policy at any time.  If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy that do not affect the Information gathered prior to the changes, we will notify you by posting an update on the Privacy Policy page of our website.  If OWP changes the way that we intend to use your Personal Information in a manner that is different than how we said we would use such information at the time it was collected from you, then we will notify you via email.  At that point, you will have a choice as to whether you will allow OWP to continue using your Personal Information, or if you want to opt out.  We encourage you to check the privacy page of our website and review this Privacy Policy to ensure you are aware of any changes to our privacy practices.

Third Party Links

OWP may display and/or use third party links on its website.  This Privacy Policy applies only to our website.  Therefore, if you clink on a link and navigate to another website, we hereby expressly state to you that we are not responsible for the information, privacy practices, or content of the linked websites. 

Legal Contact

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or believe that OWP is operating in contravention of this Privacy Policy, please contact our legal counsel at: 

Raffone Dessiné Legal Services, LLC

11075 S. State Street, Suite 4

Sandy, UT 84070

(385) 414-2114

Dated:  December 2020

Privacy Policy: Text
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